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Order your diverter online and receive within a week. Our diverter comes fully assembled and ready to install by qualified contractor. Diverter is made from 24-gauge aluminum that is rust resistant and flexible to accommodate different roof angles. The edges of product’s body are bended inside to prevent water back-up under roof shingles.

On this photo, you see a perfect opportunity for our product. Heavy rains often overflew the gutter system because water from large area of roof was channeled into a much smaller area of corner gutter.

Before installation, please clear the area from debris.

With the use of a simple pry bar, the installer gently dislodges the nails holding shingles in place. Shingles should be loosened up 6 rows up, one foot per side of valley.

Slide the diverter under the loosened shingles, the bended inside edges, allow this without damaging any shingles.

Position the funnel end of the unit to direct all water flow into the gutter. End of funnel should be fully engages with gutter, it might be necessary to trim the gutter guard to ensure that unit sits flat and even under the shingles.

Cut out a small triangular notch at center of the diverter.

If there is problem with gutter system and water is not draining down properly, the water will flow over the unit in one direction only.

After cutting the triangular notch, installer is left with small amount of scrap aluminum. Cut into two pieces and bend to make two pins.

Use the pins on both sides to nail diverter to the roof. You do not want to nail directly in to the unit to preserve its water proof integrity.

Use Roof Cement to seal diverter with gutter. Use Roof Cement to seal diverter at the bend and inside as well.

We highly recommend to purchase a leaf guard net that is installed over diverter to prevent clogging from debris. Lay leaf guard over diverter. Slight fitting might be required depending on roof line. Check sides for proper coverage of leaf guard.

Secure guard to diverter with self-tapping screws.

The homeowner has the option to spray paint the unit the color that will closely match the roof or gutter. Custom colors available upon request.

The finished product that will put an end to the overflowing water.

From the street level finished diverter blends seamlessly with roof line.

Another common place where there is a need for our diverter is the valley where dormer portion of the roof meets main roof.

The instructions for installation are the same, only position of diverter is slightly angled toward the dormer side of the roof.

Roof Valley Rain

Water Diverter


AMH Group Inc. 

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